The divine beauty of the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast Boat Tour from Sorrento

A special day to discover the natural beauty and history of the Divine Coast

A day on a boat to discover the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast boat tour departing from Sorrento Coast takes you to discover a magnificent place that you will explore together with our skippers during an unforgettable day of sun and sea. The Amalfi Coast is so beautiful and wild that it has earned the nickname "Divine Coast".  During this tour, we will see fantastic places, reachable only by sea: countless grey pebble coves, caves, waterfalls and fjords that characterise this wonderful coast, famous since ancient times. We will also admire the most beautiful seaside villages of the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts.

The boat tour to Amalfi coast begins with navigation towards Punta Campanella, a rocky headland overlooking a sea of exceptional blue just in front of the island of Capri. It is not unusual to spot some dolphins during our trip through this protected marine area, as they are used to following the boats and delighting the tourists with their pirouettes.

We will also marvel at the village of Marina Grande, the ancient port of Sorrento, a fishing village with many colourful cottages that seems to have come out of a postcard from the past.  Immediately afterwards, when we reach the "Capo di Sorrento" we will see the remains of the Roman Villa of Pollio Felice, an ancient patrician residence dating back about two thousand years. In the basin below is the famous “Bagni della Regina Giovanna” – Baths of St Joan, a natural ravine of crystal clear water where the Queen used to bathe accompanied by her court ladies and not infrequently by her lovers.


Positano and Amalfi by boat from Sorrento

The tour of the Amalfi Coast starts with a visit to two seaside villages: Marina di Puolo and Marina della Lobra. Two fishing villages where you can admire the famous restaurants built on stilts, characteristic of the coast.

Passing the island of Vervece and Punta Campanella, protected marine reserve and exceptional naturalistic area, we enter the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast.

The first stop of our boat tour of the Amalfi Coast is Positano. Here you will have time for a beautiful walk through the alleys and staircases displaying shop windows full of many local handicrafts.

While sailing towards Amalfi, our second stop, you will see the famous Fiordo di Furore, a real fjord in which a small beach, just 25 metres long, is nestled between the two sides of the mountain.

The last stop of our boat tour will be Amalfi, a town rich in history that will captivate you with its traces of an ancient and rich past.


Amalfi coast boat tour

  • Pick up at your hotel or meeting point at the agreed time.
  • Departure from the port of Sorrento with route to the Amalfi Coast.
  • Along the way: the seaside village of Marina Grande, the remains of a Roman villa, the waterfall, the bay of Ieranto.
  • Arrival in Positano with the possibility to disembark for 1/2 hours to visit of the town.
  • Meet at the Port of Positano at the agreed time.
  • Departure for Amalfi: along the way you can see the Furore Fjord, the Emerald Grotto.
  • Stop for swimming and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of one of the most beautiful bays of the Amalfi Coast, drinks and snacks offered on-board.
  • Stop at the Emerald Grotto (on request).
  • Arrival in Amalfi with the possibility to disembark for 1/2 hours to visit the town.
  • Return to the port of Sorrento in the late afternoon with limoncello tasting along the way.

What is included


water/soft drinks/prosecco/snacks

beach towels

snorkelling equipment

english language skipper


The beauties of the Amalfi Coast


This beautiful coastal town is worth a stop during the Amalfi Coast boat tour because, being the most glamorous and unique town on the coast, it has a lot to offer to tourists both for its architecture and for the myriad of shops, ice-creameries and small restaurants by the sea. You will have time for a beautiful walk through the alleys and stairways to admire the many shop windows full of many local handicrafts: coloured ceramics, linen and cotton clothes from the collections of "Moda Mare Positano", liqueurs with a many different and unique flavours such as the famous Limoncello and leather sandals decorated with crystals, corals and shells.
The numerous modern art galleries and a Roman villa brought to light  in 2018 will be also wonderful to see.

Fjord of Furore

Furore, a small fishing village (among one of the most beautiful in Italy), has a small beach, just 25 metres long, nestled between two sides of a mountain, in a deep inlet of the coast, eroded and excavated by the Schiato river on its way to the sea. The two sides of the mountain are joined by a bridge 30 metres high, over which the Amalfi State Road passes, the road running along the entire Amalfi Coast, connecting the 13 municipalities that it composes. Every year the World Championship of Diving from Great Heights takes place from the famous Furore Bridge, while the fjord, with its small beach, has been the set of several films.


The city of Amalfi (the capital of the Amalfi Coast) was a powerful Maritime Republic and reached its heyday in the eleventh century when it became a powerful commercial port. The symbol of the city is St Andrew’s Cathedral with a staircase leading to the entrance of 62 steps, the perfect place to take a picture. Sitting at one of the small tables and enjoying a delicious lemon gelato is a must because Amalfi grows the juiciest, most fragrant lemons on the coast.

The Emerald Grotto

The Emerald Grotto is located in Conca de' Marini, on the border with Amalfi. The cave was discovered in 1932 by a fisherman and has become one of the symbols of the Amalfi Coast. Standing at 24 meters high it is very impressive to see the green shades that the water takes on when it is exposed to light. In 1956, an underwater nativity scene was set up at a depth of four meters and is considered one of the most beautiful nativity scenes in existence.

The Cathedral of Amalfi

The Cathedral of Amalfi is a cathedral in Arab-Norman Romanesque style that together with the Cloister of Paradise represents the most famous monument of the entire Amalfi Coast. It includes the Basilica of the Crucifix and a Crypt where the mortal remains of St. Andrew to whom it is dedicated are preserved. Every year it is visited by millions of tourists who stop on the impressive 62-step staircase.

The Roman Villa of Positano

In 2018, the Mar Positano Museum was inaugurated, which includes some rooms of an ancient Roman Villa buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. The villa still has magnificent, perfectly preserved frescoed walls. During the excavations numerous objects of everyday life were found, evidence of the life of the ancient Romans on the Amalfi Coast.

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